Green Mountain Family Practice Medical Director Matthew Sullivan, MD and Northfield resident Richard Jarvis

CATCHING UP: Medical Director Matthew Sullivan, MD shares a laugh with Northfield resident Richard Jarvis.

Green Mountain Family Practice: The Spirit of Community Medicine

Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 by UVM Health Network - CVMC

In Northfield, care and conversation go hand in hand.

“We've been in the Dog River Valley for over 75 years,” says Dr. Matthew Sullivan, Medical Director of Green Mountain Family Practice, where he and his team provide primary care services to the Northfield community and surrounding areas.

Over the years, practice staff members have developed long-term relationships with patients and their families—bonds of trust that encourage a virtuous cycle of regular visits, preventive care, and improved health outcomes.


  • Matthew Sullivan, MD, Medical Director
  • Craig Sullivan, MD, Retired Medical Director
  • Elizabeth Meehan, MD, Family Medicine Physician
  • Nancy Knorr, RN, Registered Nurse
  • Laura Romei, Practice Lead
  • Kathy Thurston, Administrative Assistant
  • Richard Jarvis, Northfield Resident

“The relationships we have with our patients are really central to the care we provide,” says Family Medicine Physician Elizabeth Meehan, MD. “We’re really working with people, and their lives are so much bigger than the medical problems that we focus on.”

Retired Medical Director Craig Sullivan, MD (Matt’s Dad) agrees. “That trust piece and being committed to the relationship is the legacy.”