Compliance and Privacy

Our Compliance team is here to help Central Vermont Medical Center abide by the many business ethics and legal standards that apply to health care providers.

The specific purposes of the Compliance and Privacy program are to:

  • Foster a culture of compliance at Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC)
  • Educate CVMC employees on what to do to be in compliance with federal and state statutes and to protect patient privacy
  • Ensure that the organization's employees feel comfortable and safe when raising compliance issues
  • Establish a clear, expeditious and practical process for obtaining answers to compliance questions
  • Promptly resolve Compliance and Privacy issues that arise, with appropriate remediate action when required
  • Implement an effective system of monitoring and auditing 

CVMC’s Compliance Team

CVMC’s Compliance and Privacy Officer is Marianne Bruno, who may be reached at 802-318-2112. She works with the Network Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Jennifer Parks, and the Network Compliance and Privacy Department of analysts and auditors.

The CVMC Compliance Committee is a multidisciplinary team with representatives from Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Health Information Management, Medical Group Practices and Woodridge Nursing Home.

Reporting Concerns

Questions or concerns may be reported directly to CVMC's Compliance and Privacy Officer.



You may remain anonymous if you wish. CVMC is committed to a policy of non-retaliation.

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