Peripheral Vascular Exam

At Central Vermont Medical Center our cardiologists perform Peripheral Vascular exams in order to evaluate blood circulation in the legs.

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Arterial Lower

This is a non-invasive exam to evaluate blood circulation in the legs. This procedure is used to assist with the diagnosis of blockages, occlusions and stenosis (narrowing). Common reasons for conducting this test include slow-healing ulcers, claudication and diabetic neuropathy. The test lasts at least one hour and may take longer depending on the patient's medical status.

Preparing for a PVE Procedure:

  • Take a shower or bath but do not apply oils, powders or lotions.
  • Eat a normal meal
  • Take all prescribed medications and bring a list of all your medications with you
  • Wear a loose fitting shirt or blouse so that your blood pressure can be taken easily
  • Prior to the test, you will be asked to remove all lower clothing (except underwear). Please dress accordingly.
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