Fire Fighter Fit Test

At Central Vermont Medical Center our Physical Therapists provide Fire Fire Testing to evaluate the ability of candidates to meet the requirements of the job.

CVMC Rehabilitation Services provides testing to determine if a candidate can complete the job requirements of a Fire Fighter via an obstacle course and via vital sign testing before, during and after the obstacle course.  

About the Fit Test

After getting your history and doing a screen of your physical flexibility, you will be asked to put on a 40 pound vest, which you will wear while completing the obstacle course.  The obstacle course is to be completed within 20 minutes and includes:

  • lifting intervals of weight from the floor to your waist (min. 55 lbs./ max 150 lbs)
  • walking 100’
  • climbing a 32” step repeatedly
  • lifting intervals of weight overhead  (min. 25 lbs / max. 70 lbs)
  • balancing on a beam while walking and carrying 40 pounds
  • hammering with a sledge hammer
  • pulling a sled with 70 lbs of resistance 50 feet
  • climbing 2 flights of stairs while carrying a hose pack
  • crawling on your hands and knees
  • dragging a mannequin weighing 165 lbs 75 feet
  • climbing a ladder with 30 lbs in one hand
  • simulated Pike pole pushing and pulling (60 lbs pushing upward, 80 lbs pulling down)

Upon completion, and passing of the all components of the physical therapy testing, you will be referred for respiratory testing to complete that aspect of testing.  A pass or fail form is completed and sent to your respective fire house.

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