Interpreting and Translation Services

Network Language Access Services offers interpreting and translation services to patients and staff to improve communication.

Language Access Services (Interpreting and Translation)

At the University of Vermont Health Network, communication is essential to patient safety and comfort. We offer patients and their family members on-site and telephone or video remote interpreters available 24 hours a day. Our services are available at no cost in many languages spoken and signed across the communities we serve. 

Translation services are available to ensure that all patients have access to important information related to their care.

We are committed to treating patients, family, visitors, and employees in a non-discriminatory manner. Learn about our nondiscrimination policy.

We are committed to treating patients, family, visitors and employees in a non-discriminatory manner.

Interpreter and Translation Services at the UVM Health Network

We offer direct toll-free numbers for multiple languages. An interpreter answers the call and stays on the line to connect callers with anyone across UVM Health Network.

This enables our patients and companions with a preferred language other than English to reach their providers, make appointments and call the pharmacy with questions. Click here to find a list for various languages.

To request interpretation or translation services at your appointment or visit, please contact the staff at the location where you are receiving care. 


Ask your provider’s office for the available resources. If an on-site interpreter is needed, staff will contact Interpreter Services at or call 802-847-5826 Monday to Friday from 8 am – 4:30 pm. 


Ask your provider’s office to fill out a translation request or contact Translation Services at

About Network Language Access

The Network Language Access Services department endeavors to remove language as a barrier to healthcare and ensure access to services in all our locations. We strive to maintain and promote Communicative Autonomy to all patients with language access needs (including Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind) and partner with the communities we serve to solve issues connected to language equity across the UVM Health Network.