Referrals and Evaluations

Learn about how to schedule appointments, referral requirements, and insurance/payment options for our rehabilitation therapy services.

To schedule an appointment, please contact our office for an appointment. No referral is needed if your insurance doesn't require one (required by Medicaid and Medicare). A patient can be referred for therapy services by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant.

Please note:

  • Not all insurance carriers cover the cost of rehabilitation therapy. Therefore, prior approval is required.  Our office staff checks the policy guidelines for your insurance prior to your first visit, but please inform them if you have had prior therapy or if you need prior authorization for your insurance.
  • Our rehab staff will contact you within the next business day after we get your referral to schedule an appointment.  Patients may call to schedule their appointment at their convenience as well.
  • Appointments are scheduled according to availability and/or by patient preference for a certain time or therapist. The standard is 1 to 5 days availability for appointments. Staffing is adjusted to meet fluctuating volume demands.
  • Patients are called 48 hours prior to their initial evaluation to remind them of the appointment and the registration process as well as what to expect for their first visit.  We also do reminder phone calls prior to each follow-up appointment.

If you have a large deductible through your insurance, we do not want this cost to interfere with your care.  You have the following options available to help as needed:

  • We have a program to reduce or waive your cost if you meet our financial eligibility guidelines.  Assistance is available if your income is under 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and you also meet an asset test. For example for a household of four making $95,424 per year, or a single person making up to $46,704 per year.
  • CVMC offers a long-term payment plan to make payments over a period of months.  We do not charge interest or fees for this service.  We can automatically debit a credit card on a specific day of the month if you would like to do that, or mail you monthly payment reminders.
  • If you are able to pay your balance in full within two weeks of getting the first statement, we can provide a 10% discount off the total amount due from you.  Please let us know if you are taking advantage of this discount when making your payment.

If you are interested in knowing more about these programs, please contact us.  We can answer your questions and give you more details about our assistance program, and provide you with an application.  More information about financial assistance, including our application for assistance, is also available on our website at: