Care Management

Care Management (Social Services) works closely with others in the hospital and in the community to evaluate, plan, carry-out and monitor a wide array of health services for our patients.

Care Management is also known as Social Services and Utilization Management. CVMC Care Management staff works closely with others in the hospital and in the community to evaluate, plan, carry-out and monitor a wide array of health services for our patients which may include social and emotional support services. These services take advantage of the best the hospital and the community has to offer. Our goal is to meet the individual's on-going needs in the most cost effective and efficient way, while promoting the best possible outcome for patients, families and the community.

Discharge Planning

Putting together a plan of care for patients who are leaving the hospital. We work with patients, their families, their doctors, and community-based resources to meet the patient's on-going health needs. This includes helping patients receive needed care following an Outpatient or Emergency Room visit.

Advanced Care Planning

Helping patients to understand and make choices about their Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney.

After Medical Center Referrals

Providing access to Home Care and Hospice Care  local home health/visiting nurses agencies or making referrals to Skilled Nursing Facilities (Nursing Homes) , Acute Rehabilitation Facilities or Community Care Homes.

Meeting Medical Equipment Needs

We help patients find the Durable Medical Equipment they may need once they leave the medical center.

Coordinating Other Helping Services

Includes language interpretation for non-English speaking patients and help for the hearing and vision impaired.

Providing Information and Education

The Department has lists of resources located throughout the State of Vermont on topics including discharge planning, crisis management, drug and alcohol counseling, women's and men's abuse support, pregnancy and child rearing support, as well as a state wide list of nursing homes, in-home help and more.

Utilization Review

We work with public and private insurance companies to ensure the medical center receives payment for care provided. As the “agents of Medicare and Medicaid,” CVMC's Care Management staff enforce and follow the government's rules regarding Medicare and Medicaid.

Our staff is highly trained and specially educated to address the social, emotional and physical health needs of our patients. Our staff consists of a combination of registered nurses and master's level social workers.

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Care Management

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