On the Brink: Artists Take Action

Release Date: 
March 29, 2018

Collage of endangered species artwork from On the Brink Exhibit


April – May 2018
Join us for an exhibit that celebrates art and raises awareness about endangered species. 

Artist Reception and Talk: April 12, 2018 4:30pm - 6:30pm

“It’s not whether animals will survive, it’s whether man has the will to save them.”
– Anthony Douglas Williams

Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the “natural” or “background” rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65 million years ago.

The paintings in this exhibit come from artists who have an abiding love of nature and all its complexities. They are not all scientists but they share a common bond in their frustration with the impact of human activitity on our planet and the creatures that share it. The thought of losing a species, of nature diminished, is painful. The various works exhibited here represent the artistic expression of some animals that are facing extinction. The artists’ intent is to inspire others to pay attention, become educated about what each of us can do, and to take action.

Painting in their own artistic style, each artist chose one or more species listed as endangered or threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other wildlife watch groups. Like so many today, these creatures are on the brink of extinction.

Most work will be available for sale and a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the conservation of endangered or threatened species. Many of the artists will be available for public presentations of their work.

About the Classifications

The conservation status of a species is an indicator of how likely it is to remain alive at present or in the near future. Many factors are used to assess a species’ conservation status, including: the number remaining, the overall increase or decrease in the population over time, breeding success rates, and known threats.

IUCN Red List

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is a worldwide conservation status listing and ranking system.

Following are the categories that we focus on with this group of species:

  • Extinct (EX)
  • Extinct in the Wild (EW)
  • Critically Endangered (CR)
  • Endangered (EN)
  • Vulnerable (VU)
  • Near Threatened (NT)
  • Least Concern (LC)
  • Extinct Threatened Least Concern

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