Inner Lives: Paintings by Heidi Broner

Release Date: 
June 18, 2018

Reflection painting by Heidi Broner shows window washer and his reflection in window

Join us for an opening and short talk by Heidi Broner about these paintings:

4:00-5:30pm  |  Artist Talk at 5pm

“Years ago I found this wonderful sentence in a novel: 
A painting takes time; therefore it contains time."

For the past two decades I have returned in my painting again and again to everyday people, paying special attention to posture and gesture, which seem to reveal the real self – the inner life.

Roller Derby painting by Heidi Broner

Roller Derby by Heidi Broner

I usually carry a camera and take photos of people who are unselfconsciously engaged in their own thoughts. One of these photos will serve as the seed from which I begin a painting. 

Each time I go to work on a particular painting, I bring a different view to it, adding another layer not only of paint, but also experience, mood, and thought. Although the photo I began with displays a brief and fixed instant, I soon begin to alter the colors, the atmosphere, and the details. Through many hours of painting, another image will emerge, suggestive of something much broader and richer than the original moment. It contains time.

About the Artist

Strength painting by Heidi Broner depicts man spreading concrete

Strength by Heidi Broner

Heidi Broner is a self-taught painter who grew up in a family of artists near New York City. Drawing and painting were a natural and delightful part of her daily life. Her interests are many and she has worked in a wide variety of media – she has illustrated books, designed and painted murals, created masks and puppets for the opera Frida and huge outdoor pieces for the band Phish and has worked for many years with Bread and Puppet Theater as an artist and performer.

Heidi has also worked in Vermont’s granite industry for almost twenty years. She hand engraves custom drawings onto black stone. Working alongside the stone craftsmen has given her a deep appreciation of those who work in the trades – of their skill, their patience and attention to the task at hand. This led to her At Work series of paintings exhibited at CVMC in 2011 and to the work seen here.

Heidi’s work has been collected by private individuals and corporations.

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Weeds painting by Heidi Broner depicts woman weeding garden

Weeds by Heidi Broner

Shadow painting by Heidi Broner depicts construction worker on scaffold

Shadow by Heidi Broner