Looking for Light: Paintings by Molly Hawley

Release Date: 
August 15, 2018

Looking for Light: Painting by Molly Hawley

Looking for Light: Distant Dunes Painting by Molly Hawley

Through October 19, 2018 @ THE GALLERY at CVMC

​Opening celebration: Thursday Evening, August 23, 4:30-6pm

"Creating this body of work has been an exercise in careful observation and rendering of nature. The thrill, for me, of working in this realist manner is that if I can succeed in recording  the truth of what I see, then something magical and mysterious appears which seems to be made out of but also to be more than the sum of the parts of the composition. This numinous quality often has to do with the way light falls on or emerges out of the elements portrayed. Participating in the revelation of that light is what keeps me involved in what can sometimes be a difficult and time consuming process. I am fascinated by the way the visual world is made: how it is structured, how its colors vibrate and play against each other, how it is light and dark, how it mirrors my emotions, how it reveals feeling itself. The paradox here is that painting requires me to concentrate intensely, making use of all the skills and techniques I have learned over the years while also requiring me to forget myself in the application of those skills. That self-forgetting may be the greatest gift of all." ~ Molly Watson Hawley

Painting of young girl emptying pail of water on beach by Molly Hawley

Painting by Molly Hawley

Painting of sand dune by Molly Hawley

Painting by Molly Hawley

Painting of opening in trees looking onto grassy field by Molly Hawley

Painting by Molly Hawley

Molly Watson Hawley

Molly Watson Hawley works in a number of media to explore how the surface images of the visible world represent a deeper reality.

She studied at Middlebury College, the Boston Museum School, and the Cleveland Institute of Art, where she received a B.F.A. with specialties in printmaking and portraiture. Her work has been informed and deepened by subsequent study with portraitists Jose Cintron, Cedric Egeli, Albert Handel, and Burt Silverman.

Ms. Hawley's commercial commissions have been primarily in oil, pastel, and pencil portraits, but she has done pioneering work on figures sewn on fabric. Her portraits have been commissioned by many private clients in the United States and abroad, as well as by businesses, hospitals, and schools. Her paintings and drawings have been awarded a number of prizes in juried exhibits and are represented in distinguished private collections and museums. She has also provided illustrations for a number of books and book covers. 

Clients report that the distinctive quality of her portraits lie in their depth of feeling, the captured resemblance, and their strong, evocative sense of place. 

She is married to the writer Richard Hawley and is the mother of three daughters. She lives and maintains a studio in Ripton, Vermont.

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